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Capital Gains Tax

Tax and accountancy
  2018-19 2019-20
Taxed as top slice of savings income     
Up to £37,500


From £37,500 (£34,500 in 2017-18) 20% 20%
*Certain residential property is taxed at higher rates of 18%/28% respectively    
Annual Exemption Amount    
- individual £11,700 £12,000
- settlement £5,850 £6,000
Transfers between spouses and civil partners living together are exempt.
Gains which qualify for Entrepreneurs' Relief or Investors' Relief are charged at 10% for the first "lifetime" £10 million
Various other reliefs may be available for certain assets 
Indexation allowance abolished for individuals after 5 April 2008 and has been "frozen" for companies from 1 January 2018.



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