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Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Every penny of taxation you save and invest during your life time provides you with greater disposable capital in later years and gives you the opportunity to provide for retirement.

After working hard during our life time most of us want to ensure that as much of our personal wealth as possible is passed on to our family and friends when we are gone, rather than having a large bill payable to the Treasury.  There are many unforeseen circumstances in life but good inheritance tax planning implemented well in advance increases your chances of maximizing the amount you can leave to your heirs.

At Wrigley Partington we can provide you with effective planning with the following:

  • Personal tax planning for tax efficient payment strategies
  • Capital gains tax planning with regard to the disposal of business and non business assets
  • Advice on the effective use of trusts to protect your assets and provide a vehicle for minimising your inheritance tax exposure
  • Estate planning including the value of an up to date and effective Will
  • Making you aware of the tax efficient use of life time giving
  • Advising on adequate life assurance to cover potential inheritance tax liabilities

Whilst tax planning is important we always take into account the specific wishes of our individual clients and because of the good relationships we develop these wishes are easier to understand.

If you would like to receive advice about our Tax Planning Services please call Wrigley Partington, or contact us here.


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